AmpliFi Instigators

What is the Instigators NFT? Instigators NFTs integrate with AmpliFi DeFi, Web3, Fundraising, GameFi & NFT campaigns. Giving special access, multipliers on earnings and much more. There are 300 NFTs in the OG edition & the mint price increases incrementally with each mint. XToken Terminal Sale Instigators NFT holders get access to the xToken Terminal […]

Invisible Gang

We can’t have these pesky criminals ruining it by causing chaos on chain. Trap & tokenize them all.

GMX Meta Referral

Earn 1% of tier 1 trading fees (+matching $LAGG) when you refer new promoters to AmpliFi GMX

Trader landing page

Purpose of this page is to send our ref code to GMX contracts and not lose any traders. Secondary purpose is to also let traders join our referral program When we send our ref code to gmx contracts assign tag to this current trader


Access higher tiers from day 1 plus $LAGG GMX Direct Signup directly via GMX app. AmpliFi GMX Sign up via AmpliFI GMX