What is the Instigators NFT?

Instigators NFTs integrate with AmpliFi DeFi, Web3, Fundraising, GameFi & NFT campaigns. Giving special access, multipliers on earnings and much more.

There are 300 NFTs in the OG edition & the mint price increases incrementally with each mint.

XToken Terminal Sale

Instigators NFT holders get access to the xToken Terminal the 30% discounted allowlist sale for $AGG (AmpliFi’s reward, revenue sharing & governance token).

More Instigators NFT Features

Showcasing the features of AmpliFi NFT

Features of the NFT

How the Instigators AmpliFi Campaign works.

Affiliates earn a cut from the NFT sales & the funds raised in the allowlist sale. Simply grab an AmpliFi link below for this campaign. The link is to the minting page on AmpliFi’s NFT platform. From there the allowlist sale tracking is all handled by AmpliFi. Watch the video for more details!

Token & Discord Gated Collabs

Selected communities are able to mint a limited number of Instigators at a discounted price.

Communities can share AmpliFi links to their collab page to earn a cut from the mint (and 5% of $AGG allowlist sale).

We built this feature into AmpliFi’s NFT platform so that Instigator Key holders will also be able to join allowlists/raffles/mints in upcoming AmpliFi campaigns.

Lets get into the details…

How Promoters earn. What you can offer to your audience & more