GMX Tier 2

~$250,000 in $LAGG is distributed to promoters & traders across the first 2 billion in volume.

GMX Tier 1

~$262,500 ($LAGG 15m) is distributed to tier 1 promoters & traders who use AmpliFi GMX ref links across the first 1 billion in volume. Promoters will earn $75,000 in ETH/AVAX on tier 1 over the the first 1 billion in volume. AmpliFi DAO will earn $75,000 on this tiers volume which will be distributed back […]

Overlay Market

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Done – Pixels Guild

vires in numeris One pixels ref link to rule them all & reach the top 20,000 addresses. Many AmpliFi links to share the airdrop pro-rata. Just copy your link below & share.