AmpliFi Boosts earnings on top of the GMX referral program for traders & promoters

The Meta referral program tracks & handles rewards for promoter to promoter referrals.

Promoters of AmpliFi GMX Meta referrals are paid based on the earnings their referrals generate on GMX Tier 1

Promoters 🤝Promoters

GMX Meta Referrals gives promoters a link that onboards new promoters into AmpliFi GMX. The link sends promoters to this page.

Promoters refer Promoters

Why Meta Referrals?

Meta referrers earn based on referred promoters results on AmpliFi GMX Tier 1.

Onboard more promoters & earn more.

Promote to Traders

Promoters Can Skip the Meta Referral Program & Promote GMX Tier 1 via AmpliFi Links.

Refer traders to GMX

Earn 1% of tier 1 trading fees (+matching $LAGG) when you refer new promoters to AmpliFi GMX