AmpliFi Dework

Share AmpliFi DAO’s Dework bounties with frens & earn $1 for every $10 they earn for an entire year. Paid in $AMP. If they join the AmpliFi team you get $5000 dollars worth of $AMP.

AmpliFi Juicebox

Incentives Referrers receive a 5 Commission paid in ETH Matching $AMP KPIs When a referee deposits ETH in to Juicebox Payouts happen every month (2x Juicebox funding cycles) Head over to Juicebox to help fund AmpliFi

The Drop Tickets

Incentives Referrers Receive ~0.1USDT value paid in $CHEESE per $1.10 ticket sold $0.1 USD Value in $AMP KPIs When a ticket for The Drop is sold via AmpliFi referral

The Herd – Mint Event

Incentives Referrers Receive 10 Matching $AMP KPIs When an NFT is minted from The Herd Collection

Meta Referrals

Incentives Referrers receive a pro-rata share of 5 of total $AMP supply 5 of all referee earnings

AmpliFi SEO

One of the many KPI metrics that AmpliFi offers is the SEO link building KPI. This can be combined with a publisher whitelist or left open to all Google indexable websites/apps. A total budget for incentives is defined & shared out pro rata to all verified websites where a A HREF link is found.