Please note the examples below are only earnings for AmpliFi GMX Meta Referral program. Referrers will be rewarded based on the outcomes achieved by their referees across most AmpliFi campaigns further increasing the incentive to onboard promoters to AmpliFi DAO.

AmpliFi GMX Meta Referrals Payout Details & Calculations

Basic example: Refer 100 promoters who all reach tier 2 (5m in volume during a 1 week period via their ref links).

100 (promoters refereed) * $5,000,000 (volume to reach tier 2) * 0.1% (gmx trading fees) * 1% (referral commission) = $5000.

Earn a minimum of $5000 ETH/AVAX + $5000 $LAGG. Minimum assumes all promoters reach 5m in volume via their ref links during their first week.

Percentages share of GMX 0.1% of trading fees in the case where the promoter is referred or discovers AmpliFi GMX on their own.

Promoter is referred?Promoter AmpliFi GMX (1%)Promoter Tier 1 (7.5%)AmpliFi DAO ($AGG/$LAGG)
Shows the payout comes from DAO profit not from affiliate profit. And payout only happens when promoter is referred.


Promoter is referred?Promoter AmpliFi GMX Meta referrals (these people onboard New promoters to AmpliFi GMX program).Promoter Tier 1 AmpliFi GMX
YesMatching $LAGG dollar for dollar on all referred tier 1 volume.$500 $LAGG bonus when $1000 is earned across any AmpliFi programs
No$0Standard earnings see AmpliFi GMX Tier 1 Program for details.
$LAGG details