Several companies are already offering DNA sequencing. Some only sequence some part of your DNA whereas some offer whole genome sequencing. But more importantly, most companies are making money thanks to your DNA. First you have to pay to sequence your DNA, and then those company have access to your data and sell it to other company, meaning you don’t own your own data and people use it. Some company offer better privacy and don’t share your data. But you still have to pay for sequencing. You can learn more with this article. is bringing DNA sequencing and data privacy to another level. In fact, as other company, you have to pay to sequence your whole DNA. But in the case of you have full access and control of your data, and you can even decide to sell it. Meaning companies/laboratory will pay you to access your data.

You can now monetize your DNA !


DeFi meets Genomics – You can earn passive income by allowing queries of your genome – We use DeFi to amplify your passive earnings – passive income on steroids!

How does it work ?

It’s relatively easy. You first need to sequence your DNA. In order to do this, you will need to order a kit on Then you will receive a saliva collection kit. Before sending it back, you will have to activate your kit online and set up your DNA Vault. Your next step will be to do surveys. Doing so generates health, lifestyle and other data that boosts the value of your genomic data to researchers, meaning you can earn more.

From you web account you will also have access to all your genomic data such as information on whether you are a carrier for certain genetic diseases… More reports will be made available over time.

How do you generate incomes ?

This probably the main feature you are interested in.

You can generate income by selling data. Data buyers eg. Pharmaceutical companies and Research organizations will be able to set the price that they offer folks for each query.

By using a mobile App (linked to your web account) you will be able to see the details of access requests to your genome. This includes the creator of the request (e.g. researcher), what information will be revealed, and how much you will earn for granting permission. Also view a historical log of how your data has been accessed.

You can then accept or decline those offers. You keep full control of your data.

All payment are translated into $GENE tokens for cost-effectiveness. This is why the tokens have value.

GENE and GENOME tokens

$GENE is a deflationary utility token that pharmaceutical companies and research organisations use to offer users for querying their data. brokers the queries and it is up to individuals whether they want to approve this query. GENE will be an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can find all information about the tokenomic here. Important points are:

Be an early investor

You can invest no more than 2 ETH in a pre-seed sale. As an extra incentive to those who invest early – will be airdropping rewards with $GNOME, the governance token, at launch – dependent on the day you invested. As if you had been mining the governance token from the time you invested. To become an early investor, join the discord here: