Referral Code Management

Referral codes are registered in the GMX Referral smart contract and transferred to AmpliFi multisig.

At any time referral codes may be transferred back to the wallet that created them after proving wallet ownership via signature.

Payouts of ETH/AVAX

Payouts for GMX happen on wednesdays and are dispersed on thursdays by AmpliFi multisig.

Referrers earn 7.5% 12.5% and 15% of GMX trading fees on tiers 1,2,3 respectively.


$LAGG is locked for one year too affiliates and traders wallets during which time it earns at least ~40% of all AmpliFi DAO revenue (from AmpliFI GMX revenue & all other AmpliFi programs).

The remaining 60% – any team or contributor funding will be distributed to $AGG/LP stakers.

The 60/40 split for revenue distribution is locked for one year and after one year is subject to governance.

All earnings related to $esGMX held by the AmpliFi DAO are also included in revenue sharing (60/40 – $LAGG / LPs)

The next major item on the teams roadmap is creation of a dashboard showing AmpliFi DAO earnings / $LAGG emissions (and emissions projections).
This data will be available at both the AmpliFi protocol level and filterable down to each tier of AmpliFi GMX programs. Giving affiliates & traders a clear picture of AmpliFI’s tokenomics is high priority for the AmpliFi team.

Multiplier points

AmpliFi DAO earns $esGMX and distributes earnings from $esGMX to $AGG/LPS & $LAGG.

This means affiliates on Tier3 who earn $LAGG as a replacement for $esGMX also still earn from the $esGMX. See chart.

Earnings for traders, affiliates, AmpliFi DAO (AmpliFi DAO earnings are distributed to $LAGG & $AGG/LPS see next chart).