AmpliFi is designed to work in tandem with CRE8R DAOs content marketing packages. At this time it is not possible to run AmpliFi campaigns without being a CRE8R DAO client.

There are several use cases for AmpliFi

Is AmpliFi the right tool for your protocols use case?

The first thing to think about when deciding if AmpliFi can work for your use case is incentives. If you are trying to reach a clearly defined goal & have blockchain based incentives then its likely that we can work with you to design both content marketing & KPI based incentivised campaigns that will help you reach your goal.


AmpliFi campaigns are designed around KPIs. They work best when you have some sense of the return on investment your protocol will receive if a KPI goal is met.

Examples of KPI goals

Note AmpliFi can work with any KPI but the above are listed as examples that are not gameable (either because onchain or human verified).

KPI Goals have two types of ROI. Short term. And lifetime value of acquiring an average user. With AmpliFi you get both but you generally primarily pay for the short term ROI. Although it is possible to setup ongoing referral campaigns where referrer get an ongoing % of fee share (this is how most CEX referral programs work).

Examples of KPI Goals With Defined & Measurable ROI + Extra details about possible lifetime value of short term actions

Campaign TypeKPI ActionDurationKPI GoalFee / profit if goal is hitAmpliFi Incentive Max PayoutShort Term ROILifetime value of user
TVL3 months$100m$500,000$100,0005xDependant on locking or Sticky or non sticky TVL
Bridging1 month$10m bridged$250,000$25,00010xOnce bridged to new chain users may continue for years
MintingUntil sold outSell out 10k Collection100ETH10ETH10xNFT trading fees
Conditional AirdropClaim on conditional basis. Can be proportional to condition result 6 Weeks
Note that KPI goals are the measurable part that AmpliFi incentives get paid based on. There are many other benefits that come along with running well designed AmpliFi campaigns. But these benefits are not part of the payout methodology of most campaigns. So you get them as a bonus 😉