For Clients

AmpliFi is designed to work in tandem with CRE8R DAOs content marketing packages. At this time it is not possible to run AmpliFi campaigns without being a CRE8R DAO client. There are several use cases for AmpliFi Conditional airdrop campaigns NFT drop campaigns Onchain KPI based campaigns Offchain KPI based campaigns Gamified experiences DeFi political […]

For Referrers

AmpliFi allows a diverse set of content creators, social media accounts, publications and more to earn via content sharing & referral links. Each campaign dashboard gives “referrers” all the info they need to decide whether or not to take part in a particular campaign. Verification is required to take part in most campaigns. This is […]

Campaign Creation

Once campaign parameters have been defined and campaign is confirmed. We are able to start setting up campaigns in the AmpliFi interface. This is done via the AmpliFi backend. All fields are well documented:


Attribution for onchain & offchain KPIs happens via UTM links. A small script is added to client app/landing page/form etc. In some cases where scripts cannot be installed due to privacy issues it is possible to create an intermediary landing page either within the AmpliFi application or elsewhere.

For Admins / Dev

This section focuses on setting up AmpliFi campaigns & managing them.


Generally campaigns should run for at least a week.