We at CRE8R DAO spend a lot of time considering how we can give back to our community. How can the DAO help the DAO? One of the features of our systems is that with every paying client, the entire DAO receives a portion of this payment. So whether you decide to create content for direct pay, or simply hold our $CRE8R token, we all want you to benefit from the growth of our DAO.

15% of every payment from a client has always been granted to the DAO’s treasury. This treasury has mostly been used to build liquidity for our token, but a portion of it has also been put to use to farm yield in DeFi.

In addition to this, when a client payment is received, given a suitable opportunity, that payment also has a time frame where it too can be put into DeFi to generate additional yields.

With this snapshot, the token holders, and F100 NFT holders have voted to start to distribute some of these gains to $CRE8R token holders. 

The CRE8R Token Liquidity Pools

All of our Protocol Own Liquidity is deployed with our long term partner SpiritSwap in the 50/50 CRE8R/FTM incentivized pool, farming the SPIRIT rewards. This is chosen to offer a deep, low price impact, trading experience for people wishing to add to their position. 

Most of us are against the idea of a single sided staking farm but understand that impermanent loss is a real concern. This is why we have chosen to utilize the beethoven-x 80/20 pool with reduced IL features as our DAO farm. This pool is incentivized with both $CRE8R and $BEETs tokens.

The Sharing of Yield

As mentioned above, our treasury has several farms open with a variety of client tokens and the CRE8R token. 

As of current, we farm:

  • SPIRIT on our CER8R/FTM LP
  • HND and BEETs on our HND/USDC/FTM LP
  • BEETs on our USDs LP

As well as several auto compounding LPs in yield aggregators. 

Treasury Yield Distribution

For now, we will be using a portion of the SPIRIT and HND and adding them to the Beethoven-x 80/20 reward contract. All of the farmed BEETs have been and will continue to be, staked for further APY and voting rights. 100% of these voting rights are used to boost the APY on the CRE8R/FTM pool, which the treasury is not farming.

These additions will come without announcements, and not on pre-scheduled times to avoid attempts at front running. The Multisig, will manage the amounts that the treasury can afford to share but maintain growth and voting power. However, if you provide to this pool, you will be happy to notice that occasionally you will receive some of these rewards. You can think of it this way. 

Every time you claim CRE8R from the Beethoven farm you will be airdropped additional rewards of other types.


These rewards will not be displayed, for the time being, anywhere on the Beethoven-x website, but will be a pleasant surprise to long term staker of the CRE8R/FTM LPs.