BasketDAO: Introduction and tutorial

First off we welcome BasketDAO to the CRΞ8R FAM! We have been watching from the days of the infamous Vampire attack on DPI! As an up and coming force in the world of DeFi content we vibe with the desire to innovate, borrow, and even go full Dracula attack mode. We are excited by the beginnings […]

Talking Crypto #50 – Jet from Rari Capital

Jet is a 15 year old smart contract developer at Rari Capital. He started writing code in 2017 and became a blockchain dev in 2020. Jet also enjoys F1 racing. 0:00 Intro + Ads 1:48 Interview Start 2:05 Being 15 Years Old in Crypto 5:07 Coding Beginnings 7:25 Crypto Background + Rari Capital 16:58 Providing […]