CRE8R DAO – Treasury Yield Distribution (TYD)

We at CRE8R DAO spend a lot of time considering how we can give back to our community. How can the DAO help the DAO? One of the features of our systems is that with every paying client, the entire DAO receives a portion of this payment. So whether you decide to create content for […]

Weekly Meeting 7-10-21 Weekly Meeting (Oct 7)  Introduction (8:00-8:05):  Intro, let people know that they can type in the cre8r chat if they want to contribute their input and ideas Welcome and hellos’s channel: 1000$ CRE8R tokens DAO(8:05-8:20): Brainstorm section What is a DAO? What’s an ideal DAO?  Challenges and how will we deal with them $CRE8R […]