Note* The thirty day period is not a cut of point for the campaign. In fact the campaign will continue until the goal is reached. Read more about this is the accounting for time section below.

In simple terms our target to hit to release the full payout is $2,500,000 of new value borrowed via AmpliFi referreral links equals the equivalent of $2,500,000 borrowed over a 30* day period.

Filtering addresses that have borrowed on the platform prior to campaign start date

To ensure we are delivering value to Fuji DAO we created a list of all addresses that are currently borrowing on the platform. Called Fuji-Do-Not-Count (FDNC).

In practice this means:

  • If an address on FDNC repays their borrowed amount & withdraws their collateral we add the borrowed amount to our total goal amount. This ensures that Fuji DAO benifits in the case where an actor decides to switch their borrow to a new address. This practice will continue up until the total value borrowed by FDNC list has been added on top the campaign target value.
  • No referrers will be paid for borrow attributed to any address on the FDNC list.

Accounting for time borrowed

AmpliFi uses the Fuji Expeditions own metric (meter points) to measure amount borrowed over time. $1 borrowed for 1 day = 1 meter point.

So 2.5m borrowed for 30 days = 2.5m * 30 = seventy-five million meter points

Wen Payout

Payout happens when seventy-five million meter points are attributable to AmpliFi referral links.