Boosted Bribes™

Welcome to the first iteration of CRE8R DAO Boosted Bribes™. V2 will have a data dashboard & you will be able to calculate your projected bribe amount & claim bribes.

This is how we will conduct our bribe operations moving forward providing more predictability to incentivize long terms voting & LPing. The same general formula will be applied – with improvements based on results* – to future voting rounds on Spiritswap & Beethovan-X plus more coming soon..

All bribes are quoted for per % of the vote & are uncapped.

Beets Boosted Bribes

SpiritSwap Boosted Bribes

*CRE8R DAO reserves the right to change the Boosted Bribe algo based on results but we will do our best to ensure changes are communicated in a timely manner.