How the allocation for publications works.

All crypto publications are eligible to a share of the total supply of AmpliFi’s governance token. Each publications share is calculated based on a range of factors including but not limited to.

Each publications initial share of AmpliFi governance tokens is determined by two factors.

  1. Max publication allocation (MPA): calculated using the metrics above (capped based on metrics)
  2. AmpliFi Client Campaign Earnings (ECCA): Payments earned based on AmpliFi client KPI metrics attributed to a publications referral links (uncapped as publications can continue earning from AmpliFi client campaigns indefinitely.

For example publication X is allocated 100 AmpliFi governance tokens as their MPA. This allocation is released along a bonding curve proportional to ECCA.

Some projections around earnings

AmpliFi Governance Token holders will earn ~10% of AmpliFi fees (set by governance). These fees will be generally be denominated in client protocol assets (governance tokens, stablecoins etc) but may also be denominated in network tokens (for example when working with layer 1s).

Governance will process AmpliFi campaign payout structures on a case by case basis defining.

Worked example assuming max payout is reached:

Max USDC payout for entire AmpliFi client campaign is $1000,000 of which $50,000 (5% of total payout) is attributed to publication X

Publication X earns $50,000 USDC + 5% of CMPA (1000 $AGT).
At this rate publication X’s full MPA will be released after 20 AmpliFi campaigns! Considering there can be several AmpliFi campaigns running at once this may take ~3-6 months.