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Over $1000,000 already paid out to content creators.

Over $1600,000+ in commissions up for grabs on the platform currently

30+ Protocols, GameFi, DeFi, NFT are launching on the platform in Q4/Q1

Become a promoter

Becoming a promoter on AmpliFi is permissionless for most campaigns. Get insights about protocols on the platform. Discover the details about the program & support from the DAO to grow your channels.

The AmpliFi GMX Program

AmpliFi Boosts earnings on top of the GMX referral program for traders & promoters

Earn a share of the AmpliFi protocol while sharing discounts on trading fees & incentives for traders that are only available on AmpliFi

AmpliFi DAO

Contributors Work With Protocols For Promoters

Amplifi DAO secures the best commissions for promoters, builds out tracking systems, supports your content creation process & handles payouts.

Discovery For Protocols & Promoters

Promoters discover new protocols with huge commissions dropping regularly. Protocols get discovered by promoters

Tokenomics Flywheel For Sustainable Growth

$AGG is distributed dollar for dollar inline with platform earnings. AmpliFi is & always will be 100% community owned. All you need to get started earning is an Ethereum wallet.

Join AmpliFi DAO

Building custom viral marketing programs the web3 way requires many skillsets. Check out our onboarding flow for various roles within the DAO & find one that suits you.